Following is a list of Boards and Committees that have terms expiring during the next 3 months. The list highlights when the item will be presented to the Board of Commissioners along with any special requirements that may pertain to the appointment.

An application must be submitted in order for your name to be considered for a Board or Committee appointment. Any questions call Cheryl Anby 475.5700.

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September 2020

Health and Human Services Board
The Consolidated Health & Human Services Board serves as the policy- making, rule-making, and administrative board for Dare County's Department of Health & Human Services. NCGS 153A-77 requires that “After the subsequent establishment of the Human Services Board, its Board shall be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners from nominees presented by the Human Services Board.” In accordance with the General Statute, the Consolidated Human Services Board reviews all applications and submits names of nominees to the Board of Commissioners for approval.

4 terms expiring September 2020Compensation: $100 per meeting
Meeting Schedule: 3rd Tuesday of every other month, unless specified otherwise. Dare County Department of Social Services.

Requirements: Contact: Tammy Reber

October 2020 - None

November 2020

Older Adult Services Advisory Council
The Council advises Dare County in its efforts to promote, organize, plan, and coordinate services and programs for residents and visitors to Dare County who are 55 years of age and older.

1 term expiring November 2020Meeting Schedule: 2nd Wednesday of every month except June, July, August. Various locations within Dare County.

Contact: Brandi Bohanan

December 2020

Equalization and Review Board
The Board of Equalization and Review is a local citizen review board that hears property tax appeals from property owners in Dare County. Under North Carolina Law, each county must have an Equalization and Review Board to hear appeals of property values.

5 terms expiring December 2020Compensation: $50
Meeting Schedule: As Needed.

Contact: Greta Skeen
Nursing Home Community Advisory Council/DC Joint Comm. Advisory Committee
Nursing Home Community Advisory Councils were established to maintain the intent of the Nursing Home and Adult Care Home Resident Bill of Rights within nursing homes and adult care homes across the state. The Committee promotes community involvement and cooperation to ensure quality of care for older adults. The Council is responsible for advising the County Commissioners of the general conditions that exist in Dare County's long term care facilities.

1 term expiring December 2020Meeting Schedule: Meets Quarterly. Baum Center.

Requirements: Contact: Brandi Jordan
                 252.426.5753, ext 225
Parks and Recreation Advisory Council
The Advisory Council reviews and advises the Department of Parks and Recreation in its efforts to promote, organize, plan and coordinate activities and programs for youth and adults in Dare County.

1 term expiring December 2020Meeting Schedule: Every other month beginning in January. Meets at KDH Rec. Park, 8:00 a.m., Meets once a year at the Dare Center, 11:30 a.m., Meets once a year at the Fessenden Center, 11:30 a.m..

Requirements: Contact: Tim White
Special Motor Vehicle Valuation Review Committee
This Committee hears and reviews appeals of listings and valuations placed upon taxable motor vehicles located within Dare County.

3 terms expiring December 2020Meeting Schedule: As Needed.

Contact: Maggie Dennis